As a benefit of belonging to the HBA, members are eligible to check out the club’s extractor, uncapping tank and heated uncapping knife.


The Club’s extractor is from Dadant. It is the Ranger Hand Extractor with stand. The part number is M00400. You can find it in the Dadant Catalog.

A picture of the Club’s uncapping tank is found in the Rossman Apiaries catalog. The part number is M123A. As well as the heated uncapping knife, part number M124A. The Club also provides a stainless steel double sieve filter, a cappings scratcher, a fume board and a bottle of Fischer’s Bee Quick.

We encourage everyone to read the “Steps in Extracting” article that is referenced under the FAQ section of the website and also in the “Club Extractor” section.

You will need more than just the extractor to extract your honey, but using the Club’s extractor avoids a major expense.

You will also need at least two five gallon pails to hold the honey (one of which must have a honey gate). Brushy Mountain sells a very useful 5 gallon bucket strainer kit (part number 365). Often, these extra items are available locally at Wabash Antiques and Feed near the Heights.

Lastly, don’t forget to order bottles or jars (and lids) for your honey. If you order honey bears, make sure the price includes the cost of the lids. Happy harvesting.

To print the packing list of all the parts of the extracting equipment you will be checking out, click here.

To read about the steps in extracting your honey, click here.


To reserve this equipment, send an email to to check the equipment’s availability. Checkout is for one week at a time, starting on Tuesday and ending on Sunday. Monday is reserved as “return” day, although it is always appreciated if you return the equipment early.

The extractor, tank and knife are available on a first come/first served basis. [mojoitem platform=’wordpress’ type=’plugins’ item=’popular’ quantity=’3′ seller=’booking’ aff=”]
To reserve one of our HBA Club Extractors please fill out the form below:

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